Respecting for Humankind
In all our activities, we consider contributing to the construction of moral, social and biological balances of people as one of our primary responsibilities. We accepted that the construction of the balance is possible with the protection of freedoms and fundamental rights which come from birth as the base of our understanding of respecting for people.

Commitment to Moral and Spiritual Values; Tolerance of Differences

We accept moral and spiritual We accept moral and spiritual values as decisive factors for the collective social behavior of people. We see differences between religions as a natural result of human values, intellect and wisdom; and we welcome these differences.

Being respectful to traditions and cultural differences as well as people’s religions is one of the core values of Ittifak Holding. While we are achieving our vision, we carefully take care to the national and sacred values of the countries that we operate in and persistently avoid works and behaviours which may belittle or disregard any of these values.

In business and administrative processes; we accept commitment to moral and spiritual values as the reference point of personal and corporate reflexes. Thus we see; different views, religions and beliefs of our employees as a corporate wealth. We consider enabling our employees to have the opportunities of living their beliefs and traditions comfortably; telling their different thoughts and suggestion freely as the necessity of our participatory management understanding and compliance with universal code of ethics constitutes the basis of our business process.

Respecting for Nature

As the employees of Ittifak Holding; we attach importance to the protection of the nature with all its beauty for the future generations. We consider taking necessary precautions for the ecological balance as one of our priorities during the production and consumption processes of our product and services.

Development and Innovation

We accept as an honourable duty to spiritually and materially support all technological, scientific, social and cultural developments which will contribute to the welfare of people without distinction of colour, language, religion and race; and to lead these developments in the areas that we have corporate initiative or to share our ideas with those who have initiative.

High-Quality Understanding

Full satisfaction of our customers with our products and services; satisfaction of our shareholders with our management and principles to share benefit; satisfaction of our partners with our commercial or noncommercial relationships and satisfaction of our society with our social responsibilities constitute our core values which give direction to our quality policy.

Respecting for Law

We are scrupulous about being fair and protecting the rights of our partners and stakeholders in all areas of life that we are active and also in corporate and personal relations. We believe in the universality principle of law and we accept respecting for ethical, legal and judicial values as the indispensable component of our respect for law in both business and daily life. We see commitment to the principle of being fair as our corporate responsibility in the areas that we manage and consider being treated with justice as our fundamental right in the areas that we are managed.

Transparency and Accountability

We are diligent about providing all the information which is the indicator of our accountability, except the trade secrets and information which we legally have the right of hiding to be able to continue our business affairs and competitiveness.

We avoid all kind of unregistered and illegal business and processes, and we see the reputation of our company about its accountability under any circumstances towards public enterprises and our stakeholders as one of our values which make us strong. We adopt it as a natural requirement to ensure the accountability of the compliance of our legal, moral and corporate responsibilities in the scope of our investment, management and governance processes with predetermined values.

We see accountability and our commitment to our core values, principles, vision and mission as the indispensable elements of development and stability.

Solidarity and Allocation

In all of our commercial, managerial, and social activities, we predicate on solidarity not collision. We accept developing by sharing the things we achieved as an indispensable value in all our activities. In all the industries that we operate in, we care not only corporate advantages but also industry-specific growth. Competition is collegiality according to us. We regard professional solidarity and execution of competition conditions pursuant to free market norms and public decency as the base of our competition strategy.

Commitment to our Values

All principles and values, which make us strong, direct and guide us in all managerial and commercial activities. We never compromise on our core values and principles for commercial interests. We accept that the commitment we have for our core values and principles is the power that will carry us to future.